I pride myself on being a self taught and sole-creator of all my leather goods. I carefully make each handmade item—from every cut to every stitch. Everything created in my Dallas based studio is made by my hands alone. My goal is to produce quality leather goods that you can enjoy for years to come.

As the son of a carpenter, I found an early interest in design and craftsmanship that led me to become an artisan. I started my small business BYNDR LEATHER GOODS, out of necessity. Like my father, when he needed something fixed, he’d fix it himself. So when I found myself needing a wallet, instead of the office binder clip that I used to hold my credit cards and cash, I decided to make a wallet. Little did I know I wouldn’t stop at just a wallet. Within a few years my side hustle and creative outlet turned into a thriving passion. I now have an inventory of unique handmade leather goods—from keychains and wallets, to duffles and tote bags.  

As BYNDR LEATHER GOODS continues to grow, I hope you will join me on my journey. I truly love designing and creating quality leather goods that will last a lifetime. Thanks for stopping by, I sincerely appreciate your support.